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Paige lost his 3 biggest weapons (jab, right hook & left hook) because he broke his right (i.e. lead) hand & his left foot. Even with his 3 best weapons gone, he still made it a tough fight for Nam. If Spencer hadn't gotten busted up that way, he would have demolished Nam in the 2nd. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed with Phan.

Also, long distance/time endurance running as an effective method of improving one's fight endurance is a long-dispelled myth. To have endurance for a 5min fight, you need to work sprints, not road-work. Not saying that Phan's running isn't important as part of his mental game (hitting the wall & pushing through it, etc.), but it's not a sign that his gas tank is amazing.
Had no intentions of giving that just seemed that it could have been better than Paige's. But, like you said, Paige's three biggest weapons were rendered useless.

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