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Originally Posted by billwilliams70 View Post
You also see it when he does his little camera interviews....the way he giggles like he's planning a practical joke at his high school prom.

Now, Phan wasn't entirely impressive in his victory. I thought that Paige would get the victory (before the fight started) but the injury to his hand really seemed to take a toll on him......that or Phan's cardio was that much better.

Paige lost his 3 biggest weapons (jab, right hook & left hook) because he broke his right (i.e. lead) hand & his left foot. Even with his 3 best weapons gone, he still made it a tough fight for Nam. If Spencer hadn't gotten busted up that way, he would have demolished Nam in the 2nd. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed with Phan.

Also, long distance/time endurance running as an effective method of improving one's fight endurance is a long-dispelled myth. To have endurance for a 5min fight, you need to work sprints, not road-work. Not saying that Phan's running isn't important as part of his mental game (hitting the wall & pushing through it, etc.), but it's not a sign that his gas tank is amazing.
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