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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post

Eddie's style is too dependent on having BJ penn like flexibility.

Good to use on someone who has never seen it but anyone that's worth his salt on the mat will tell you basic grappling overcomes that fancy **** any day
Crisco, have you ever tried to use the rubber guard???

Its only fancy for those who dont understand it, some of the positions are more complicated than you need in a mma match, but the imitial positions are very very effective.

I got a bonafide purple belt in a omapalata using the guard, and I have good flexibility but I am no bj penn. added to that the guy I caught also trains using rubber guard techniques.

basic grappling cant help you if you are tried up in knots by someone that knows what they are doing.

thats kinda why Bravo beat Royler Gracie
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