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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Who is making this argument? I never said that playing a game like MoH was going to turn normal people into cold-blooded, America-hating killers. Those people already exist with or without the game, but why reward them with the ability to live out their depraved fantasies in video game format?
I never claimed that you said that it did. I was merely adding that extra point to my statement in which I said EA leaves the door open for that criticism by designing the game that way.

I completely understand your point and, as I said, I have no problem with that at all. There is content in all games that people don't like or find offensive, and the idea of any game that has American soldiers getting killed by the player is offensive to many Americans, no matter if it is Nazi's, or Taliban, or whatever.

I just think it's fair to put things into a greater context than just saying the game is trying to reward players for killing virtual American soldiers. The multiplayer mode is about gamers playing against each other, and the different characters are only to distinguish who is who. Nothing will actually change about the game itself, or the characters. They will simply be called "Opposing Force" instead of Taliban. I'm not even saying that's wrong, it's EA's game so it is their call, and I think it's fine that they changed it.

I understand the criticism, and it's not the first time this has been brought up about this game or other games. Still, I think it's also important to remember how many games of this nature their are, some with far worse direct messages, and how relatively minute this is when in put into context as to WHY it was included in the game in the first place. The story mode is set in modern day Afghanistan, so naturally the "opposing force" is the Taliban.
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