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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Seriously, a computer programmer creating a system of AI in order to present gamers with a realistic and challenging "threat" is in no way the same as a player striving to "kill" virtual American soldiers and getting rewarded for it. Any reasonably intelligent person can see that.
Originally Posted by NateR
So, any American who has lost a loved one in Afghanistan and objects to the idea of treating the killing of American soldiers as some sort of positive goal that people should aspire to, is a wuss?

Trying to downplay the psychological impact that this can have as "it's just a video game" shows your ignorance on the issue.
I agree that not everything we see in games is in the best taste, and this is something they could have avoided all together. However, I think you are overstating what's really happening though.

The games are two part games, a story mode and an online multiplayer mode. The characters used in the story mode are what they base the characters for the online mode off of, and no matter what there is always going to be "good guys" and "bad guys". When gamers play the story mode, they are not given the option of being a member of the Taliban to fight against the USA, essentially setting the USA up as "the good guys" in the game.

When people play the multiplayer modes, they are given an option of playing one side or the other to some degree, but the matchmaking is also set up at random most of the time so people don't know what team they are on. I think it's clear as to why there would need to be different characters when having team play, so that people know who they are supposed to shoot. However, by saying that the game is trying to reward people for "striving to kill" virtual American soldiers, may be taking it a step too far. Sure, there may be some twisted gamers out there who think that's funny or actually do hate America, and EA does leave the door open for this by designing the game that way, but I would also say that those people are probably like that because of some other serious mental defect and not because they started playing MoH.

Obviously, it's simply the fact that they used the name "Taliban" that ruffles peoples feathers. There have been LOTS of modern first person shooter games that are set in the middle east that nobody has complained about.
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