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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
Then why is it ok to set the time frame in the present day, against Muslim characters, in the Middle East? Besides there is no difference playing as a Tali or the AI playing a Tali. In the end NPCS will die, Players will die, and AI will die.

Hey but who cares right. Lets have Americans soldiers kill other American soldiers. I mean its not like in recent history we haven't had a shooting on a military base or a soldier hold a bunch of people hostages. Its not like we haven't had a crazed ex military blowing up federal building or nothing..

Americans killing Americans, now that's patriotic...
LOL, you should stop trying to participate in intelligent discussions while you are drunk because you are making no sense whatsoever.

Seriously, a computer programmer creating a system of AI in order to present gamers with a realistic and challenging "threat" is in no way the same as a player striving to "kill" virtual American soldiers and getting rewarded for it. Any reasonably intelligent person can see that.

As for your last comments, they are just too ridiculous to even respond to.
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