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Obviously I don't speak for you, brother, but I THINK I know what you are getting at....

Why give the Taliban the satisfaction of knowing it bothers us? AmIrite?

Screw em, it's just a video game. Hell, after playing GTA and Mafia 2 I don't see how there could possibly be any limits for what we see in games. Do we take the Taliban out of action movies too?

Still, I get the point, we shouldn't embolden the idea of Taliban killing American soldiers, no matter how small it may seem. So I give EA a "tip of the cap" for stepping up and making the change. It would have been much easier to ignore it, as they did in earlier games with Nazis.
Why aren't they upset with the Taliban in the campaign version fo the game.You put that thing on Insanity and they will be slaughtering your team over and over. Anyone whos played a AI team based game knows how idiotic your group mates will become.
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