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I agree with Mike, this was a move by EA on their own, so it's not like they were pressured to do it.

However, I find it funny, because most gamers I know could care less about Medal of Honor anymore. Besides, whats the difference of being a Taliban or being a Nazi? The early MOH games are based on WW2 and it was always a popular, and laughable, feature that you had to choose between being an American and being a Nazi in multiplayer games.

Ultimately, most gamers don't care what color their sprite is wearing, they just wanna WIN by shooting people in the I that so bad?
So pretty much what they are saying is its wrong to have a Taliban enemy in MP. But it was fine to have the Nazi's, its fine to have the Russians, and its fine to have every other terrorist org. I guess its wrong to have an appropriate enemy in MP. But hey its cool that we are going to pit American soldiers vs American soldiers.

By the way JB MOH sold 3 million pre orders already and it isnt due out til NOV9. I think a lot of people care about it. Also a lot of players think it was stupid to remove it from MP.
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