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It's almost fight time, and in the locker rooms the fighters prepare for battle. But Chris Rock on Steroids gets a special visitor: former heavyweight boxing champ and convicted rapist Mike Tyson! In his oddly effeminate voice, Mike Tyson talks directly into the camera about how tough mixed martial arts are. Also, about how much he regrets getting that facial tattoo, because he has about a dozen kids now and they all make fun of him for it.

See, Mike Tyson isn't Sean McCorkle....

He isn't going to take to the UG to rant about some ignorant ass blogger like Tomas Rios. Tyson probably doesn't even know, or care, what a blogger is. However, make no mistake about it, if you get in Tyson's face and piss him off, this is still a man who is, in my opinion, capable of destroying any man walking the face of this planet. The thing is, I don't think Mike Tyson wants to be that man anymore, and God bless him for it.
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