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Default EA Pulls Taliban From MoH Multiplayer

For those that don't know, in the multiplayer part of the latest edition of EA's Medal of Honor game, there was going to be an option to play as the Taliban (against US military). Needless to say, this got a lot of negative press. EA has acknowledged the mistake & is now chaning the Taliban to "the opposing force". Here's the statement made by executive producer Greg Goodrich:

The majority of this feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. For this, the Medal of Honor team is deeply appreciative. However, we have also received feedback from friends and families of fallen soldiers who have expressed concern over the inclusion of the Taliban in the multiplayer portion of our game. This is a very important voice to the Medal of Honor team. This is a voice that has earned the right to be listened to. It is a voice that we care deeply about. ... While this change should not directly affect gamers, as it does not fundamentally alter the gameplay, we are making this change for the men and women serving in the military and for the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice this franchise will never willfully disrespect, intentionally or otherwise, your memory and service.
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