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Originally Posted by Rochambeau View Post
I'm not finding it much fun. The CPU continuously attempt takedowns. The stamina system is quite annoying. There's just so much clinching and stalling. I want to bang.
It's just the demo version, so of course it can be rough around the edges. Both UFC demos were rough.

EA admitted they probably should have chosen different characters for the demo because both Lashley and Shields have really high ratings in takedown attempts. They also said that they will be tweaking lots of thing like that in the first patch when the game comes out.

I actually love the game from what I have seen. It didn't take long to get the hang of everything and the total punch control is familiar and quite responsive. I have a few friends who say they love it, but they aren't used to the stick because they always used the buttons in fight night.

Oh, and you can definitely bang in this demo...just stuff Lashley's TD attempts and unload with combos, starting with jabs and finishing with hooks while you keep pressing forward. I have knocked Lashley out on hard about 50 times in the first minute using that method.
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