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Not naming any schools cause "some people" would be offended.. and they would back up there school with the same venom I would mine.. that isn't the point.

What I was saying is that I agree with you, but there are two side to this story, you choose your side, I have mine.

Sadly what I do agree with is that Eddie let some one open a school under his banner, that was not personally tested by him. Also sadly, that anyone would be willing to take up serious training from some one that hasn't "mastered the basics" yet. IMO... all a black belt really means is "adaquate beginner"/skilled beginner.

Like I said, I have never met Eddie Bravo. I have never trained with him or at his schools.. I DO know several people that have met him, and did/currently train under the 10th Planet banner in some way or another.. and have had nothing but great times, great training and success from that training.

I do know that Eddie Bravo's lineage is excellent.. and can be traced back to Mitsuyo (sp?) Maeda. Maeda also is well known for training Carlos Gracie... so.. I find it a bit tough to blast Eddie's team.. because of this guy.. or I could turn around and use the same reasoning (or better) to say the same about other schools...
I understand your thinking,
I just think it says too much about how much he is paying attention to his satellite schools.

Eddie is a BB under Jean-Jacques Machado, and that is more than respectable,
and I know Eddie has helped a lot of guys fine tune things.

I just think he is too busy to keep any sort of standards up.
(His schedule for seminars is INSANE)

I say the same thing about a lot of schools,
Gracie Barra for instance has 400+ black belts and over 300 schools.
One has to assume its nearly impossible to monitor that many schools.
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