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With that being said... errors happen.

I have never mett Eddie but I do know several people that have trained with him and have had nothing but great thigns to say about him.

Sad that something like that did/could happen, but saying "back peddled" is a harsher way of saying .. "got that mistake fixed".

I know a few schools that operate under the Gracie name that are garbage.. but that doesn't mean that the founding Gracie is really at fault.. just didn't take enough care to protect their name.

I would have a "rough time" learning from someone that wasn't Dan ranked anyway.. under a sokeship membership.
Errors happen? lol

Giving somebody a brown belt and opening up a satellite academy is pretty goddamn huge in the scheme of errors. lol

and no, he back peddled, because at first he backed Brandon Quick (said brown belt) and once people called his lineage into question, he had nothing to say.

And "gracie" is wayy too broad of a term to say they were a gracie school.
You would have to get specific and say exactly what gracie they were tied to, and then that they had garbage satellite schools.
"gracie" isn't one giant brand, like 10th planet is.
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