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Originally Posted by bradwright
every time i wander into a discussion and see your post i think to myself,,wow,,this guy can read my mind,we agree on virtually everything,,well there is one thing i'm pretty sure we dont agree on,
you see i love red smarties so i eat the red ones first just in case i'm to full to eat them last,
see what i'm getting at here?

there is one thing that makes me a little sad though,,you seem to have a lot better grasp of the English language then i do when it comes to writing,,your use of capital letters and proper punctuation has me in AW ,
you seem to be a lot younger and much smarter version of me and i feel like i'm becoming obsolete,,
oh well,we cant stay on top forever i guess,,
i look forward to your next post,, (as should everyone else,maybe then they would learn something.)
Um.... interesting post..
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