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I picked up Undisputed 2010 and was pretty disappointed with it. I've probably played it for 30 minutes after first buying it and haven't touched it since. Submissions and any kind of ground work are way too difficult. I'm not a big fan of simulation games that try too hard to mimic reality (which is probably why I never play sports games).

Plus Matt's face just looks waaay off in the game geometry. I know they scanned Matt for the game but they must have done something, because it doesn't look like him at all. Also his post fight "celebration" is very much out of character. The game designers must have never actually watched Matt fight, because he always looks down at the ground when his hand is raised in victory. The game has him looking up at the crowd and pumping his fist, which is ridiculous.

Although I actually did get to help design a couple of elements in this game: Matt's shorts and banner. So, if not for that, this game would be going back to the store to be traded in for something that's actually fun, like Street Fighter IV.
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