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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
I was doing some grocery shopping this morning and I noticed they had packs of the 2010 Topps UFC Trading Cards on sale. So, feeling like a 12 year old kid, I decided to buy a pack. Just like when I was 12, I stuck my hand in the box and pulled out a pack from the middle at random. Well, low and behold, I got lucky enough to pull a card of our fearless leader!

Check out what card it happens to be...

So, I figured I would share this and ask any of you who have any cool UFC cards of Matt (or anybody else) to share them here!

I just realized from looking at that card, that fight was exactly 4 years ago yesterday.
That's pretty awesome, JB! I've got 4 (maybe 5) cards of Matt that I'll post when I get a chance.

Of course, Crow owns every card Topps has ever made, so he's prolly got the ones I was gonna post already!
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