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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Strike 1 - In psychology, there is a form of passive aggressive behavior known as "the joker." In which someone makes intentionally rude or insulting comments to elicit a reaction, but then tries to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing by claiming, "I was only joking." Your post falls into that category, thus it's still considered a trolling post and puts you in immediate danger of being permanently banned from this site.

Matt paid for this forum out of his own pocket, thus it is his property. If you were to visit Matt's house then it's understood that you would need to show a certain level of respect for Matt and his family or you would quickly find yourself unwelcome on his property. Well, those same rules apply to this forum. While you are here, you are to consider yourself an invited guest on Matt's property. However, that invitation is dependent upon your behavior and can be withdrawn AT ANY TIME.

Strike 2 - Are you in grade school? You can't just resort to name calling when the conversation isn't going your way. I'm assuming you are an adult, try acting like one.

If I were you I would be very careful about how to respond next.
There he is!!!!
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