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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
That is the million dollar question ... and if I were to weigh everything up, I would say Yes .... Do I think blacks have the same opportunties as everyone else? Yes .. but do I think they are treated the same? No ... I know most will probably agree and say the race card is played way too much .. but the fact is, is that Black people, in the US and even in Canada are treated much differently ... Heck, I am not white, I am not black .. but I see it all the time ... I see ladies clutching their purses on buses when a black kid walks by, I even have cop friends who tell me they pull over more black people in vehicles more for no reason, just to check things out ... hey, it happens, i think it will take a while to change if it ever will, but they haven't been given a fair shake, and haven't been able to build up their communities etc .. Is it all "Whitey's" fault? nope, a lot of them live up to the various stereotypes about them, but a lot of them don't and they get treated the same way .. just my opinion ...
every time i wander into a discussion and see your post i think to myself,,wow,,this guy can read my mind,we agree on virtually everything,,well there is one thing i'm pretty sure we dont agree on,
you see i love red smarties so i eat the red ones first just in case i'm to full to eat them last,
see what i'm getting at here?

there is one thing that makes me a little sad though,,you seem to have a lot better grasp of the English language then i do when it comes to writing,,your use of capital letters and proper punctuation has me in AW ,
you seem to be a lot younger and much smarter version of me and i feel like i'm becoming obsolete,,
oh well,we cant stay on top forever i guess,,
i look forward to your next post,, (as should everyone else,maybe then they would learn something.)
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