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Originally Posted by Rochambeau View Post
Just be reasonable here. BJs PJs would be BJ's pajamas. There is no PJ. BJs PJs is guilty of making some fair points and if he wanted to troll he could probably have done a better job. I've only just seen his first 'troll' post and there is a smiley with it.

Please, let's talk more about Matt's 36 fight win streak.
I'm aware what the name means, I'm just abbreviating it. For example, my screen name means "Virginia Commonwealth University Ram Fan" (our mascot is Rodney the Ram), but every calls me VCU. They don't actually think I'm the collective conciousness of the university & I don't think he's pajamas. I just had chose to call him PJ instead of BJ because I thought he might be giidy with the thought that I confused him with his idol.
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