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Originally Posted by bj44
yeah but kos had the obviousl standup advantage. Why play into your opppnents strengths when you have an obvious advantage on the feet. Kos isnt dumb what did he do when he fought chris lytle last year? He took hm down because lytle is dangerous on the feet. Its not like kos thinks he Anderson Silva and can outstrike everyone. In this fight i feel he had the right gameplan he just got caught.

I agree.

I think it was smart to concentrate standup in training camp. Kos can out wrestle most guys even when not fine tuning his wrestling. I don't think that played any part in this fight. It's not like he got taken down and subbed. I'm sure if he ever fights GSP again he will work his wrestling a ton.

So, in this case, I don't think it mattered that he didn't go to his "strength" of wrestling. Why even mess around on the ground with a good BJJ guy when you can knock him out? Of course Kos got caught, but it was the right game plan.
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