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Originally Posted by BJs PJs View Post
Hence the wink at the end, big baby. This forum is full of double standard and the fact that everybody gets so uptight over what a guy with a Penn sig/avatar has to say is just silly.
PJ, don't bother trying to feign ignorance or innocence, we've had to deal with enough pre-event trolls to know the routine by now.

No one is freaking out about your avatar or sig. If they were, the mods would have asked you to change them. No one's freaking out about your screen-name. If they were, you wouldn't have been allowed to join (the site Admin checks all new screennames/e-mail addresses/etc. for spammers). What people get "so uptight over" is when you come to the Hughes forums & imply that Penn is going to retire Hughes, but is that shockin to you? This is a site specifically for those who support Matt. Are you shocked that there's a double standard? If a Frankie Edgar fan showed up on y'all's forums (I'm guessing it's probably already happened at least once) & started running his mouth, are you telling me y'all wouldn't get just as testy?

This is the UG or Sherdog: it's not a nuetral site that assures unbiased moderating. This is Matt's site, paid for with Matt's money, moderated by Matt's friends (no, seriously: all the mods are friends of Matt's & have him on speed dial). There's just as much of a double standard in Matt's favor on as there is for "The Penn" on & as much of a double standard as there is for "The Terra" on TO pretend that like's unfair is just foolish.

Originally Posted by BJs PJs View Post
If it's such a bad match up, then you should be ragging on Hughes and not Penn, it is my understanding that Dana and Hughes wanted this fight and not the other way round.
If you go back & re-read what BJ said (I'm assuming that's where you're getting your info), you'll see that Dana called BJ & offered it to him. BJ was interested, so Dana called Matt & offered the fight. Matt was excited, so Dana called BJ back & BJ also agreed. Dana put this together. BJ & Matt were just smart enough to realize what an awesome idea it is!
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