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If you're looking for a place to do kickboxing,
why did you go to a second rate no gi BJJ place?

(Sorry, I don't beleive much in Bravo)
plus, one of his "brown belts" was found out to be a fraud and had no rank in BJJ and no credentials, but Eddie let him open a school in texas under the 10th planet banner. Mostly because whatever belt you are or say you are in BJJ, Eddie will give you that belt in his system. So, some random character came in (Brandon Quick) and said he was a brown belt, Eddie gave him a 10th planet brown belt, and he opened a 10th planet school in texas, sham.
People found out, eddie back peddled and the school got axed, but with that kind of care how much faith can you have that Eddie is keeping the quality of his satellite schools up?
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