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+ Bobby's coming out hard & fast, throwing some heavy leather, knees & kicks. It looks like he's trying to finish it quickly so his gas tank doesn't have to be tested.

+ Whoops, accidental low blow. D-Lau took his time to recover.

+ Tito needs to shut up, he's a terrible commentator.

+ Man, fantastic! Bobby threw a head kick & slipped. Dan jumped to a triangle, but Bobby was able to posture up & avoid.

+ Dude, Bobby just nailed Dan in the groin again! It looked like he was trying knee to the body, but it came straight up between Dan's legs.

+ Another low blow! Well, maybe. Bobby threw a leg kick & his toes may have accidentally grazed the cup. It's tough to tell if it was actually a low blow or if Dan was just selling it well.
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