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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
We have very dedicated mods here. You need to decide right now if you want to stay around and be respectful or not.
Hence the wink at the end, big baby. This forum is full of double standard and the fact that everybody gets so uptight over what a guy with a Penn sig/avatar has to say is just silly.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Tell me, when Penn has lost three in a row, and three out of his last five...he may not get to have another least not in the UFC.

Penn is having trouble in his own weight class...he shouldnt be moving up to Welterweight, thats suicide because thats not his natural weight...if he's failing at LW...then there is little point in him fighting at Welterweight against anyone, let alone Hughes

I almost feel sorry for Penn.

If it's such a bad match up, then you should be ragging on Hughes and not Penn, it is my understanding that Dana and Hughes wanted this fight and not the other way round.
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