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[QUOTE=BJs PJs;136324]So a slow, unmotivated and off his game BJ was able to take an in form Frankie Edgar to a decision that in no way should have been unanimous? Don't be silly, BJ was ready and fought hard against a better LW.

Based on what? In the last 2 years he's faced every top LW contender the UFC has thrown at him and destroyed all bar one, he done this while being in the best shape mentally and physically he has ever been in.

It'll be a highly competetive fight, don't kid yourself folks.[/QUOTE]

No doubt it will be a competitive fight. But as you would expect we're slightly biased
I'm stoked for thsi fight and BJ said at an event thsi week that he isn't going to talk a lot of smack because he's tired of eating his own words.

going ot be a great fight! Then both guys can enjoy the holiday afterwards.
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
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