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Default idea for tv show for matt

i was thinking after seeing matt's 1911 thread that matt needs to do a show called "pimp my gun"

self explanatory i guess, just pimping out guns instead of cars like mtv and xibit did

it hasn't been done before and the hunting thing has been done lots, it would be harder for him to find a uniqueness to stand out with on a hunting show,

don't get me wrong, hunting shows are coo, and will always be watched....

it would be a cool show,

i'd volunteer to be the first guinea pig i'd be glad to let them pimp out a 50 cal for me in the full sniper setup

seriously though, it would be cool to watch a good pistolsmith work

it would be a nice niche market for matt, and i think he might like guns and shooting as much as he does hunting, pimp the gun then shoot and let pat have a trick shot segment
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