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It is really to bad that this isn't a 5 round fight, where Hughes could take Penn into the championship rounds and wear him down and totally take all the fight out of BJ Penn. I thought it was awesome when GSP took BJ's Pride and arrogance in round 3 and 4.

I also think that GSP wrote the hand book in defeating BJ Penn at 170. Keep Penn holding your weight up against the fence, wear him down and then slam him down. BJ's takedown defense isn't what it used to be, especially against guys that can throw punches and score takedowns. Hughes' striking is 100% improved since their 2nd fight, and BJ is going to have to be aware of it and not just scramble out of takedowns. Also Hughes' greco seems to have gotten much better as well, take BJ down without having to tangle with those flexible weirdly jointed legs seems like a plus.
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