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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I disagree. Everyone knows Matt has spoke of retirement in the near future. Can you imagine how the UFC could market this? They are going to sell it as Matt's first ever loss, and conveniently leave out the fact he was beat twice because Hallman isn't a huge name as Hughes. Matt would be 1-2 sure, but it's maintaining his winning legacy in recent times that matters now. Hallman is only a pawn in which to market another fight for Matt. It will happen. I can almost guarantee it if Hallman either beats Karo or loses to a close decision.
I certainly hope this is the case. How does a nobody coming off a loss deserve to be put in the same sentence as a 9x former champion on a 3 fight win streak?

Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
I'd like to see Matt fight Karo too, so that also may be an option. I believe Karo has called Matt out in the past.
Now that I wouldn't mind seeing. Karo was supposed to get a title shot way back when but got injured (it was during recovery from this injury that he got hooked on the pain pills that got him in trouble with the commissions & the UFC). I'd like to see Matt smash him.
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