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Originally Posted by que
well, what CAN work at this point?

if there was a definite answer then everyone would be pointing towards it and everyone wouldn't be questioning what will work and what won't work. the fact is, no one knows. and maybe there is no way to fix it at this point. at least in our lifetime. we will have to wait and see
What people don't understand is our Gov already did this same thing during the great depression. We stepped back from other countries goods and did everything in house. We went looking for dirt roads and graveled roads and paved them. We looked for ways to improve our lives. The list goes on and on to save our country back then.

Its a tough decision, do you follow the already paved road or do you venture out. Bush stayed on the same road and we jumped further into the rabbits hole.

What I see is a forum of people who seem to put Bush 1 level below God in how he ran everythign for 8 years.
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