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You are misinterpreting what I am saying. NHL is a game that people pick up and play and can find exciting because it's more directly focused on gameplay. I never said there was no strategy involved in NHL, but it's nothing like Madden. You can't just throw long balls all game long in Madden, because even against an amateur you will end up getting burned. You still need to know how to mix up your strategy. By default, Football is a game that requires more strategy time than Hockey, it's not a slight against Hockey it's just how it is.

I'm not just saying that either, I have actually owned or extensively played just about every single EA sports game in existence going back to Madden and NHL 94. I realize the new controls in NHL are more detailed, but the game moves a lot faster and is more constant action than Madden is, so naturally more "gamers" are going to find that appealing. Thats exactly why this years Madden is leaner and focused on cutting the game times down and giving more exciting action on the field than in the past.

Don't get me wrong, I like both games and I'm pretty much into any EA Sports game, but I just prefer Madden over NHL in terms of personal enjoyment. I also think Madden's dynasty mode is more fun than NHL's, although they got better last year with the "Be a GM" mode.
oh ok...I agree then

Regarding madden's dynasty, i would agree...I do like be a gm mode though, but if I'm not playing online, I like Be a Pro mode alot(similar to Madden's Superstar mode)

What I like about NHL is that you can take your Pro online and play in EA sports Hockey League which is online team play...You play your position and boost attributes and you can play seasons and go for championships and stuff with your team...It is a very nice feature and adds alot of realism to the game since you only play as one person just like in real life
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