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The goal isn't very big and the goalkeepers ARE! It's hard to throw the goalkeeper off sometimes and perfectly timed passes are so often needed and the defenders so often are there to intercept passes. The great thing is that you get so many chances and take so many shots at goal.

Sorry, I have to cut this short as I have to go somewhere!
if you are on a breakaway, deke to your backhand and then quickly to your forehand and go top shelf...Thats hard for alot of goalies to anticipate and adjust timers tend to work but you have to set it up, you usually can't just skate down like a bat out of hell and pass across because it will likely be intercepted...You gotta bait the defender....another good way to beat the goalie is pass it back to a Dman and have him take a slapshot with traffic in front of the net, either the goalie's vision will be blocked and he will not make the save, or a forward could deflect it and misdirect it past the goalie, or the goalie could make a save but then your forwards are there to shoot off the rebounds
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