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Originally Posted by Jonlion View Post
Hallman V Hughes has no interest to me. I am not even sure Hallman disputes who is the better fighter. Matt's Resume far surpasses Hallman.
It doesn't matter to Dana. What matters to Dana is selling intriuging fights. Last time this came up everyone was crying the same thing with an additional "Hallman will never be in the UFC again anyway" attached. Now he is back, and I can guarantee you this "revenge" match is partially why.

To me matt has nothing to avenge, why have Matt train for 6 months, stay away from his family to go beat a guy everyone knows he can beat.
But that is what makes MMA an intruiging never know. Hallman defeated Hughes TWICE in 37 seconds total. 37 seconds. It doesn't matter to the fans if that was the "old Matt" people will wish to see the score evened. Not everyone is an mma stat afficionado .

Please consider England in your prayers!
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