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Originally Posted by NateR
1 So I agree with why unions need to exist. However, they have become so bloated and corrupt that they do more harm than good in many cases.

2. All this talk about what you "deserve" to make is a little distressing. Deserve based on what exactly? The Constitution never once promised us fair wages, healthcare, retirement benefits, homes to live in, or any sort of financial prosperity. Our Declaration of Independence simple offers the opportunity to pursue happiness, it doesn't guarantee any results whatsoever.

3. I do understand that certain skills command certain wages. As a Graphic Designer with an Associates degree, I "deserve" to be making a minimum of $35 an hour. However, with my talent level and three years of practical, real world experience, I actually "deserve" to be making between $75 and $150 an hour. Now, do I make that much here in Hillsboro, IL? Not even remotely close.

1. Relocate to a different area - which I don't want to do, just like a guy who works for Dell isn't going to want to move to India just to keep his job.

2. Accept a fraction of what I "deserve" in order to make a living.

3. Hold out for only those jobs that will pay me "what I'm worth" and make no money whatsoever.

Obviously I've chosen #2, but I get so much fulfillment out of my job that I don't miss the extra money (except maybe when my rent is due, but that's temporary ).

4. Now is it fair that American companies can open factories overseas and hire what amounts to slave labor, increasing American unemployment while their profits go up? Of course not! But it's going to be a reality of our world as long as our companies are allowed to relocate overseas. We need to be more nationalistic and punish those corporations who try to outsource their jobs. The government also need to prosecute companies that hire illegal aliens.

5. We could also do our part as citizens and either boycott or limit purchases from companies that manufacture their products in other countries. Hitting these CEOs in their wallet is the best way to get their attention. For instance, buy a Macintosh computer, not a Dell, and give your money to a company that hires Americans for it's customer service representatives.
1. Again, I agree in many cases. Everything in the world has become corrupt tho. Crooked cops, teachers(male and female) having sex with students), crooked politicians. It really is a shame of what things have come to.

2. I agree with you to a point. You provide a service, and you're good at what you do. Phenomenal as a matter of fact. I enjoy the fruits of your labor on a daily basis, everytime I login this site as a matter of fact. I am phenomenal at what I do as well. You reap the benefits from my service everytime you flick a light-switch. It is an underappreciated comfort, but people tend to notice the lack of electricity when the lights go out. We are the heroes of the world when we are turning people back on, but within twenty minutes we are the scum of the earth. I have some awesome stories I could get into about some P. R. issues I've had to deal with! I DESERVE to be compensated and compensated well for what I do. That isn't a constitutional issue, that is something I work hard for. The governemnt isn't funding my retirement, the contractors I work for pay into it, and I also have an IRA that I set my PERSONAL money into as well. You are correct, the constitution doesn't guarantee that, but I am taking steps to. My idea of pursuing happiness is the nice big house with a big yard to shoot my guns and ride fourwheelers, with all of my big boy toys, the hot wife and three kids, and early retirement. To pursue these things, with the exception of the wife and kids, I will surely have to make good money. LOL if I could acheive these goals working at 7-11 serving hot dogs I sure in the hell wouldn't be building powerlines!

3. Hey, like you said, that is the path you chose. You chose to stay close to home, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is a personal preference. I enjoy when my jobs put me close to home as well! My personal choice is to enjoy the extras that benefit ME, not the company I work for. Like I said, I show up at the same place as these non-union contractors, but why would I work for more money on paper, but in reality make less because I am funding my own insurance and retirement. Drive the same distance and make less.. nah, I'll pass.

4. Could not agree more. Outsourcing jobs and illegal aliens, in my opinion, are the biggest part of what is ruining this country. I will not elaborate, because as I said I don't like arguing political issues. But Nate you should moonlight as a carpenter because you hit that nail right on the head. I am very fortunate to be in a line of work that cannot be outsourced. Its not like you could build a hundred miles worth of powerline and send it back overseas. It just won't happen, but what a sight it would be! I am however, concerned about illegals taking over our trade. I am not concerned about the near future, because you cannot dominate a trade like utilities without english speaking abilities. My trade is not like pouring concrete or hanging drywall, there is a lot of PR and politics, and for the moment I am safe. In the next twenty years or so, I could see them cracking their way in with the next generation of illegals being better educated and probably fluent in english. Scary thought..

5. Again Nate, you should think about carpentry because you are nailing these points down very good. I was raised with the "spend it where I make it" mentality, and that is becoming harder and harder to do these days. This point ties into the above about illegals and outsourcing. What about Wal-Marts? Sure... they are giving plenty of people jobs.. and you can save money with their lower prices... but what dreams could these people hope to afford working there? They are forced to work two jobs to make ends meet, which is unfortunate, but everybody makes their own path in life.

For the record, I don't hate non-union employees. EVERYBODY has the right to feed their family, and I could never look down on any working man for doing so just because he doesn't carry a card like I do. I've made a good living so far being Union, but it is also my choice to be union. I don't know...
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