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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
I agree with you 100%. Margarito knew damn well that his hands were wrapped in those fights. Pac is going to kill this guy with foot and hand speed. Margarito isn't going to have a shot in this fight at any point IMO.

On another note, what do you think about this fight being for the vacant super welterweight belt? My 2 problems with it are:
1. Neither fighter has earned the right to fight for the belt in this division.
2. The fight is not going to be at the 154 limit.
Because of the above 2 opinions, when Pac wins, I'll say this time he is definitely cheating history. I don't consider him fighting Cotto at 145 for the belt as "cheating history" because 145 is still in the welterweight division, but Cotto was the legitimate champ whom agreed to the catch weight whereas Margarito is not the legitimate champ of this belt and is just trying to make a big payday off Pac's name.
That's the one thing i hate about Manny and hes supposed world record. The stupid catch weights! not to mention he only fights Arum fighters.
I've bet against Manny in the past and I kind of learned my lesson So im going to say that he will beat Margarito by decision. It would be nice to get an upset though and after that Pac would take a 20-80 cut against Floyd
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