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I was just reading Tim Dahlberg's article on Mayweather's comments and I noticed this quote.

Joe Frazier still hasn’t gotten over Muhammad Ali calling him an Uncle Tom nearly 40 years ago, and saying he was so ugly he should donate his face to the U.S. Department of Wildlife. Ali loved to taunt his opponents but sometimes crossed the line, like when he called Leon Spinks “Blackula” because he had no front teeth.;_yl...ahlberg-090410
I thought it was interesting because I made reference to Frazier not forgiving Ali in my blog that was posted one day earlier on my personal site and obviously this thread.

Originally Posted by J.B.
Boxing fans who are old enough, and those who are well studied, will remember Muhammad Ali's apology to Joe Fraizer in his autobiography "Soul of a Butterfly" for saying all the nasty and negative things he said about Joe during their bitter rivaly during the 1970's. To this day, there is still controversy over weather Joe has truly forgiven Ali. Boxing rivals should not be LIFE rivals, it's really not supposed to work that way. I hope that Floyd (a huge fan of Muhammad Ali) remembers that as he continues to build up hype for this super-fight.
I'm not saying Dahlberg took the idea from my blog or anything like that, just thought it was cool that I pointed something out a day before the AP.
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