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Originally Posted by adamt View Post

i don't say this argumentatively as i see we are trying to agree here, but sandra knew what she was getting into

if you like honey, don't get mad when you get stung whilst raiding a hive, sandra knew the chances she was taking with jesse, if she didn't want to risk this happening she shouldn't have started dating him,

i think what we are really disagreeing on is what the betting lines were that it was going to happen, i say they were pretty high, and when you play the odds you shouldn't get pitied when you lose your money,

if sandra really wanted a family, she should have and dare i say would have found a family man
I don't doubt one bit that the guy has always been a douche, but I just wouldn't say that's what I expected of him. I don't know the guy and I don't remember there being any sort of scandals before this with him, so it came as a surprise to me. We are not disagreeing on the betting lines, I am simply saying that unless there is some real evidence in the public forum that showed it beforehand, you wouldn't really know that unless you were personally attached to the situation. It would be pure speculation, and probably based off stereotype.

You could be right about everything you are saying in regards to Sandra knowing what she was getting into as far as his character issues, but I don't know that. They were together 5 years and who knows what they went through in that time. The point I am making is that she has had enough happen, why dump on her any more? We should be scolding Tiger Woods and Jesse James, not Sandra Bullock.
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