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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
You are right, this thread has been about passing judgment, and it does go both ways.

However, all I am saying is that it's a bit heavy handed for somebody who doesn't know the guy personally to say "thats what you would expect from him". Then, on top of that, to say that it's Sandra Bullock's own fault for associating with him is a bit ridiculous. People fall in love, and sometimes people put on a front and hide who they really are. Based on the facts that we know, it's safe to assume that Sandra didn't sign up to be with a guy who dresses up like Hitler while sleeping with mistresses, because she dumped his ass real quick.

I don't know who the hell Kat Von D is, so I didn't comment on her. From my own standpoint, I merely said I think Jesse James is an idiot.

maybe it's not a matter of his character but a matter of how we, as in everybody, stereotype people. and we do

now, the fact that alot of the time we stereotype them right is another argument
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