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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
what did she expect?

it's her own fault.

tell the truth- was anyone surprised when jesse cheated? if you answer no, then obviously that's what you would expect from him, and the point sandra started dating him, it was her own fault because that is the type of guy jesse is, if she wanted a family, she should pick a family man, and jesse ain't it, i thought she was stupid for ever hanging with him, and i was right, and she is just reaping what she sowed,

i hate it for her, i always liked her, but still, jesse ain't no saint
Personally, I think the guy is an idiot.

However, it's a bit harsh to come down on her over what happened. Unless you, or any of the other posters happen to know Jesse James on a personal level, I don't know how being a cheater is "what you would expect from him". Not everybody who has tattoos and rides motorcycles is a bad person, so be careful before being so quick to pass judgment.
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