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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
No harm, no foul; just mentioning the irony of Floyd attacking Pac when he claims being the victim of oppression.
Oppression and stereotypes are two completely different things, especially in the context of one being in the interest of smack-talk to hype a fight. It doesn't excuse what Floyd said, just like it didn't excuse Chael Sonnen when he made comments about Brazil and Ed Sores.

However, Floyd wasn't trying to oppress Pacquiao or claim that one race was superior to another, he was just using stereotypes that most people laugh at behind closed but hypocritically get bent out of shape about when it's in a public forum. I will openly admit, I laughed when I heard what Floyd said, but I still think it was inappropriate for him to do it, especially with the way our media shapes things today.

I said the same thing about Chael's comments. It didn't "offend" me that he made them, but he should know where the line is, and that kind of attention could reflect negatively on the UFC.
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