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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Are you going to completely ignore everything I wrote and then ask people to listen to RA the Rugged Man? Really? Let's go one step further, was Mayweather SCARED of Mosley like RA claimed?

Seriously bro...should we talk about what a lot of Pinoy fans have to say about African American fans?

Because if you ask me, I would guess that Floyd and his less than civilized friends got sick of "n*gger jokes and KFC references".
I'm not referencing RA's comments about Floyd or asking people to care what RA said. I'm talking about how Floyd responded with "Because I'm black?" Floyd makes racism claims and it looked as if you were like, "huh?" so I posted a couple of references and just happened to remember his HBO comments and the interview with RA.

And yes, the Pinoy fans are being racist too, it's really annoying reading their comments on the message boards complaining about Floyd being racist, while many of them are bigots themselves. It's stupid.

It's become more like childish drama rather than anything to do with boxing.
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