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Originally Posted by Crisco
I don't think it had a lot of bearing on the fight tbh

I hope Rory gets well soon... I hope his health insurance works in England.. That is going to be a huge bill if it doesn't.
He doesnt need health England Helath Care is considered a Basic Human Right...its taken as seriously as You and your firearms.

In England we have The National Health long as its not a dental issue he should be fine. Assuming he's entered the country in a leagal manner of course He'd almost certainly get his opporation free of charge, should he need one, plus whatever money for scans and xrays etc. He does that useing MY taxes hahahaha...but I dont mind.

We cant leave him dying on the Greenwich Peninsular because he cant bloody afford a treatment and cant breath until he gets one!!! Course he might have to share a ward with other patients, and the whole process of consultation might be slower...but I assure you he'll be think I have health insurance???? The only time I ever pay that is when I went to the United States hahahahahahaha

I cant even afford Contents Insurance. :'(
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