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Hello! Welcome!! My name is Melissa..
Hi Melissa~!

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I'm sure your beaches are amazing compared to ours. Some day I will travel to Australia. I've always wanted to go. Plus, my son informed me the other day that he plans to own a huge ranch there so at least I'll have a place to stay for free.

They're great. That's quite interesting about the ranch. That'd be nice for you if he ends up having one.

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Well, that's probably true but you don't have to worry about Great Whites in North Carolina.

There are Great Whites off of North Carolina. We have them all around Australia. They're not the only danger, too. Higher up there are Box jellyfish, Saltwater crocodiles and sea snakes.

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Is you real name Eric Cartman?

O & welcome!
No, but I have seen the "Mecha-Streisand" episode a number of times. It is where I got the name from and part of the reason why I started listening to The Cure.
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