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Default BLOG: UFC 118 Outcomes

From Matt's blog:

Sure enough, in my last blog, I had my predictions and as soon as some of my buddies saw that, they wanted a piece of the action. One thing I really enjoy about the UFC and their build-up to the fights is that they really do a good job of making some subpar fighters look like they've got a chance. I had one of my buddies watch the build-up for the Couture/Toney fight and want to double his bet. But anyway here is my assessment of the three fights for UFC 118:

BJ/Frankie: Frankie did a great job, he looked better than his last fight with BJ. He looked great with his transitions from kicking to punching to wrestling. Even some faints in there to make BJ believe that maybe he might try the takedown. BJ on the other hand just didn't look himself. Sometimes BJ looks great, sometimes he doesn't. I've always been told, you can't counter a quicker fighter. BJ was the slower fighter and he is also a counter-fighter. Like I said before, Frankie did a great job transitioning from his striking to his takedowns. The thing that I can't figure out is how BJ had 5 months to train for Frankie and didn't come up with an effective gameplan.

Couture/Toney: This fight went exactly like I thought it would. Randy wasn't going to mess around trying to stand up with him and as soon as it hit the ground, I knew it was over. There was only one way for Toney to win and that was some form of a knockout.

Maynard/Florian: This fight also went like I thought it would. Maynard is just that guy that can take you down if he wants and he is so strong that he can impose his will. Kenny actually did a better job than I thought he would with this match up, but in the end Gray's strength and wrestling ability easily won him the fight.

The one thing about this sport is styles make fights. Because Frankie beat BJ doesn't mean that he'll beat everybody. I see a possible rematch between Frankie and Gray Maynard. Maynard beat Frankie and probably deserves a title shot. Would be an interesting match up as Gray might have the tools to win again.

The Bible verse for this week:
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