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Ok warriorlion here, or John, depending on how well you know me, I answer to either, been on the forum since september of 2005 or there abouts, guess that makes me a vet of sorts, even if the old post count was well sort of Dave's, but then so was everyone elses put together.

I am 27, original from London Engand, now hail out of a town called Neath in Wales, since being on the forum, I have got married, celebrated 2 years and am currently waiting the arrival of my first child who is as we speak 7 days late.

Been following UFC since sometime in the early to mid 90's when a friend handed me a video and said you have got to watch this, it was actually an event called night of the diamond, and was a NHB event pitching the USA against the Russians, this followed with another tape of UFC 1, and from that point I was hooked, especially since I have done martial arts since I was 6 years old.

Became a fan of Matt around 6 months before I joined the forum, kinda stumbled on the Carlos Newton fights and then the forum by mistake, and have not left since, dont post as often as I used to these days busy with the family, and 2 youth ministries in church. Been a Christian since I was 14, and that s what really catght my attention with Matt and Rich Franklin and how these guys were fighting and giving glory to God win or lose.

Guess thats me in a nut shell, looking forward to posting on the new forum and keeping in touch with friends old and new
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