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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Well.. at best.. it was a minimal effect on the fight..

And some people (not you) want to complain that it was intentional.. and that I don't really see.. but granted.. GSP seems to have a slight history in this regard.
In my eyes it was intentional, but to me it doesn't matter,
they were warned, and it happened again after the next round.
That should have been a DQ in my eyes.

They were warned after the first round, then AGAIN after the second.
How did they forget in a 5 minute time frame that they cannot grease his back?
Jackson has been doing this WAYYYY too long for this to have just been an accident,
he knows what you can and cannot do.

I don't really care if was intentional anyway,
sometimes fence grabs, blows to the back of the head, etc... Just happen
(instinct, etc..) But there should still be some sort of punishment.
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