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We just have different definitions of cheating. If you were taking pills, without knowing they were steriods, then that's not "cheating in my book". It's an unfair advantage for sure and still should have reprcussions. I guess for me cheating is a pre-empt strategy to create an unfair advantage.

IF GSP knowingly knew what his corner was doing and it can be proven, then i would strip him and suspend him for at least 6 months.

As it stands, would you strip him of the belt?

Originally Posted by logrus
Cheating is cheating whether you do it or your trusted corner does it. IF a fighter is held accountable for what he puts into his body, then a fighter should be held accountable for whats applied to his body.

I know if I were to get busted for roids and said my nutrition/dietitian gave them to me you would argue I still knowingly took them. SO why not argue that Gsp knowingly had the vasoline on him.

How do you not know as a fighter or corner man, that the person rubbing the goop cant be the same guy to immediately do the rub down technique.

As for mistakes steroids can be ingested as a mistake, its called lacing and all the companies have done it from time to time. There plenty of cases that support the fact lacing does happen.
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