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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Funny to see Shaw talking **** on Dana considering how good things went with Elite XC. What Shaw fails to realize is that Dana proved his point - pure boxers don't have any business in the UFC.
The only thing that was proven is that James Toney has no business in MMA.

I don't get why people are so quick to hate on Boxers and say "they are one dimensional and they won't last in MMA" but at the same time they will give mad props to guys with ONLY Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu backgrounds. People should WANT to see a real high level boxer make the transition and actually take MMA seriously. Instead, we get a fat, washed up, shell of a Boxer who hasn't been relevant in over a decade and who is notorious for NOT training in his OWN SPORT, and that is supposed to be that be all end all to this "MMA vs Boxing"'s ridiculous. "Pure" Boxer or not, most fighters actually take training and preparation seriously and wouldn't come in and try to jump into another sport at it's highest level if they were not ready.

Gary Shaw is just another promoter, like Dana White. Gary Shaw said a few weeks ago that James was too old to get into MMA, but now he is trying to sell people Kimbo Slice getting into pro-boxing.

Now Shaw and Goosen will be putting this stupid fight together....unbelievable...Thanks Dana.
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