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Some pitchers can bounce back, but he's gonna have to refine how approaches his game. He's not gonna be able to throw 100 mph fastballs all game long, and he's going to lose a lot of momentum simply from the layoff which will likely put him out for all of 2011.
it's not the fastball that's the big problem, it's his mechanics....Just like Kerry Wood, his mechanics expose the UCL to potential stress(the UCL is stressed during any overhead throwing motion, but more so in situations like this with poor mechanics)

If the UCL reconstruction is successful and he refines his mechanics, it's quite possible that he could be throwing harder, but if he doesn't change the way he throws, he'll be a career DL kind of guy

Has anyone seen Aroldis Chapman throw? He is the Reds AAA guy now, but he'll be up for September call-ups...He struggled in a starting role, but now he is closing and is dominant. He is a lefty which helps also...He throws absolute smoke with a good slider also...In a closers role, he could be like the next Billy Wagner(his good days)

Chapman's fastball last week was clocked by 2 seperate radar guns at 105mph that is absolutely insane, and his slider sits in the low 90s consistently

I'm looking forward to seeing this guy in the bigs
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