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Steriods is not the same thing as GREASING. As i have mentioned earlier, the owness of steriods falls on the fighter. In this case, it falls on the corner. However, if GSP was aware of it, then on the fighter and it was pre-empt.

cheating is not the same thing as a mistake. Can you use steriods by mistake? NO grey area

Can your corner be careless in his application of vaseline and not rub his hands off? it was pre-empt, then NO grey area.

I don't know if people are mising the point here regarding pre-empt.

Originally Posted by logrus
Doesn't matter, it was illegally applied and against the rules. Video shows the transfer of hands from the face > shoulders > back.
Same thing for fighters who are caught with illegal substances in there system, why should they see 6 months to a year ban when they didn't even last 10 seconds in the fight.

Your argument is that the grease didn't have much or any bearing on the fight. Neither does the guy pissing pos then seeing lights out 10 seconds later.
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