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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
I hope he makes a ton of money and can take care of his family, but the only place he could take Vitali or Wladamir is to the store, if they let him borrow the keys. if he goes in and lets his hands go, he could KO some low level guys and possibly some names but only if he does it in the 1st rd.

I don't doubt that the possibility for him to win against a VERY LOW ranked fighter exists....but I am really struggling to see who that fighter is at this point....

I mean, seriously, anybody worth being considered a professional by almost any standard in the world would likely trounce Kimbo. They would either be too smart, too fast, too strong, or a combination of the three. Even if Kimbo is faster and stronger than his potential tomato can; said tomato can will MOST LIKELY have vastly superior experience as a boxer and would easily out-point him. Unless we are supposed to believe that Kimbo has one punch KO power or the friggin "Dim Mak Death Touch" (that he didn't even have against "Birdman" in some random Miami backyard) I don't know how anybody could come to the conclusion that Kimbo will be anywhere near anybody in the highest levels of boxing. Leave it to Gary Shaw to think he can sell ice to Eskimos.
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